Excellence In Etiquette - Etiquette & Cooking for Boys & Girls Ages 4 - 14
     Etiquette & Cooking
            For Kids
Have fun in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes!  Learn to display your food creations with beautiful table set-up techniques.  Learn table manners.  Kids receive recipe cards for all dishes prepared.
            Cooking Labs
Structured as an "in class field trip", students take a hands-on approach to cooking.  This lab involves reading recipes, measuring, cooking, and tasting.  (Labs are also designed for after-school programs).
             Cake Decorating For Kids   
Have fun decorating your own personal-sized cake or cupcakes!  We'll guide you step by step.    Many edible designs to choose!
          In Decency & In Order
            Greetings & Introductions, Walking , Visual Poise , Sitting 
 Learn proper protocol, whose introduced to whom?   Learn basic  modeling techniques. 
           Dining Etiquette
           Table Manners, Place Settings, Cake Cutting  
Proper table manners are emphasized!  Set up for formal and informal dinner parties! 
          A Taste of Etiquette
             Finger vs. Fork Foods,  Foreign Menu Terms, Rules of the Restaurant
Make reservations.  Learn restaurant rules.  Learn to dine both "American" & "Continental" Style!  Sample different foods!
          Your Body Is The Temple
           Grooming Techniques,  Hygiene,  Manicures, Tie Tying 
 Learn to care of your body & clothing!  Sew buttons onto your garments.  Make beauty potions to deep clean your face and body.
           Dining Dynamics
           Napkins , Meal Courses, Finger Bowls
Learn the dynamics of dining from napkin folding to glassware setup.  Learn to use the "finger bowl."  Learn social graces.
          Etiquette Around The World
Learn customs and manners adopted by various countries.  Learn the Japanese style of eating.
                         All Classes Are "Hands On!"