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About Us

Excellence In Etiquette began with the desire to provide children with the social skills necessary to face everyday situations with total confidence.

In 2002, Excellence In Etiquette launched its first etiquette program at a private Christian elementary school in Chicago.  The etiquette program was held during the "after school program."  The children's excitement about the fun etiquette classes began to spread like wildfire, and the classes quickly filled up. Sheila has created a program designed for students involved in the after-school program of three private Christian schools and six public schools in the Chicagoland area.

In June 2004, our founder, Sheila Bozeman had the opportunity to travel to Osaka & Hiroshima Japan to study the Japanese culture. Many principles taught in the "Etiquette Around The World" class are based upon her experience in Japan.

Excellence In Etiquette  has offered etiquette training and cooking classes at various locations throughout the Chicagoland area, but has expanded to offer classes in the Metro Atlanta area. Our program has been featured in both the "Daily Southtown" and "The Star" Newspapers in Chicago, and in the "Marietta Daily Journal" in the Atlanta Area.

It is the goal of Excellence  In Etiquette to help each student achieve the highest degree of success by providing a "fun" and exciting "hands on" approach to etiquette and cooking. Excellence In Etiquette is committed to teaching children how to demonstrate certain social virtues as politeness, consideration, tolerance and concern for others while teaching them the life skill of cooking.


Our Mailing Address:

Excellence In Etiquette

P.O. Box 813730

Smyrna, GA. 30081

Phone/Fax (800) 883-9923

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